The Shop

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is the only shop in the Shelby dealership network that races. We are located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway so we can develop and test improvements in the Cobra line. We firmly believe that racing improves the breed.

What this means for our Cobra customers is that the same high standards of skill and craftsmanship go into the street Cobras that we build as goes into the Challenge Racers. Improvements in racing technology and safety find their way into our other models as well

Our shop is state of the art with fabrication facilities, assembly areas, maintenance bays, and more. Because we build the high precision Shelby Cobra Challenge Racers, our shop is kept to almost surgical cleanliness. Every area shows the pride and professionalism of our staff. They proudly invite you to compare our shop to any of the other finest race car building shops in the world.

Fontana-HSR-West-03-213-medBut don’t just take out word for it. If we were not the best shop exclusively dedicated to developing and building Cobras, would M. McCalister trust us to maintain and house his original Daytona Coupe? Would Mr. Y. Yamada of Japan be sending us his GT 40 Mk.IIb for restoration? Mr. Yamada’s car (chassis number 1031) is the only one of its kind in existance. You will be seeing more about the history and restoration of this unique piece of auto racing history in the months to come. We are going to chronicle the restoration process and you will be able to see it take shape.

Take a little time and look through our gallery. You will find thumbnails images below. When you click on them, you will be taken to a larger image. As you look at the images, notice the pristine state of the floors, the organization of the work areas, the lack of clutter and refuse. Each of these attributes speaks to our pride and professionalism. We are sure that you will agree, we have a world-class shop and it is dedicated to the World’s Fastest Cobras.

Call us and ask about scheduling a tour. We would enjoy the chance to show you around in person.