Shelby Cobra Challenge Ownership Benefits

G._Pfeifer_Pos_1Motorsports is among the most popular and fastest growing spectator sport in the United States, and after soccer is the most watched sport on television worldwide.  Motorsports races are televised annually in more than 195 countries with an aggregate television audience approaching 1 billion.

Because of its nostalgic appeal, the SHELBY COBRA CHALLENGE RACER is hugely popular and generates significant opportunities to the benefit of all parties involved.

98_car_pitstopCars utilized for the series are privately owned, either by individuals or businesses. CHALLENGE RACER ownership provides a unique opportunity for motorsports enthusiasts to participate as the SHELBY COBRA CHALLENGE

ARRIVE & DRIVE SERIES makes racing history.

All preparation, transportation, crew, maintenance, and repairs to the racers are the responsibility of the SERIES. There are no additional costs to the owner past the purchase price of the car.


Each race in the SHELBY CHALLENGE OWNERS ARRIVE & DRIVE series has an “in person audience” of 120,000 to 300,000.  Added to that is the potential of a huge television audience that can watch the events. Clearly, owners and sponsors receive tremendous exposure.  Motorsports sponsorship has a strong influence in these fans:

• 62% of fans have a more positive image of motorsports sponsors
• 66% are loyal to brands that sponsor motorsports
• 70% have participated in motorsports linked promotions
• 70% have been influenced to try brands that sponsor motorsports
85% of fans report having switched to brands that sponsor motorsports

• SHELBY CHALLENGE RACER sponsorship also:

Generates substantial visibility for all affiliated sponsors
• Leverages tie tradition of Shelby Cobra Racing
Creates new marketing and promotional opportunities for drivers & sponsors
• Creates tie-ins for charity fund raising to Shelby Cobra Racing

Contact us at Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. to learn more about this unique and limited opportunity to write a page of racing history.