Shelby Challenge Racer Vehicle Specifications

Introducing the ultimate Shelby Cobra Race car from Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. and TMC. This is the only Shelby authorized Spec Series Racer to be developed for the race series. The CHALLENGE RACER is based on the Shelby CSX 4000 Series Cobra from Shelby American and repeatedly proven in development by former racing legends. The CHALLENGE RACER is the first Cobra to be certified an SCCA legal race car in over 25 years.

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Limited Number:  Only a limited number out of the total CSX 4000 Series production will be allocated by Shelby American, Inc. for the CHALLENGE RACER series of cars.

Body & Chassis:  a) Lightweight fiberglass body shell for durability. b) Specially triangulated CSX4000 Cobra chassis creating a more rigid chassis and allowing for more predictable handling and suspension tuning. c) Adjustable front and rear upper control arms with urethane bushings throughout.  d)  Bilstein Shocks.  e)  Hypercoil coil springs. f) SCCA PRO Racing approved roll bar and side intrusion system. g) Schroeder tubular sway bars.

Interior:  a) Single racing bucket.  b)  Woodward collapsible steering column with removable steering wheel collar from Sweet manufacturing.  c)  On board Halon fire system from Safety Systems, Inc.  d)  Shelby signature gauges from Auto Meter.  e)  Simpson 5 point safety harness.

Performance Features:  Brembo racing brakes.  b)  351 c.i. Ford engine with Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock Jr. intake and Holley HP 850 cfm carburetor with approximately 540 h.p. c) Tex Powell road racing 4 speed transmission with Hurst Shifter.  d)  Setrab differential cooler with Speedway Engineering pump. e) Setrab engine oil cooler with Earl’s fittings. f) Aviaid dry sump pan and pump.  g)  Tilton pressure plate and clutch system with Tilton scatter shield. 


Other Features:  a) Aluminum Fluidyne radiator with 16 inch SPAL cooling fan.  b)  15 inch Trigo pin drive wheels with Goodyear Stock Car Specials slicks.  c)  Custom headers and side exhausts with coating by HPC supercoat.  d)  Special hardware provided by Lawson Products, Inc.  e)  ATL fuel cell.  f)  Optima spiral cell 12 volt battery.