Shelby Challenge Owners Arrive


All Challenge Racers are built and maintained by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. to Challenge specifications thereby ensuring fair competition. Owners will race against each other in equally prepared cars. In some situations, Challenge Racers may run as part of a larger race group (cars other than Challenge Racers will be on the track at the same time.)  However, it is our ultimate goal for this program, along with a related series featuring 289 FIA Cobras, to field our own race groups.

Participation in the Owners’ Challenge Arrive & Drive provides you with everything for a successful and enjoyable racing weekend.  We prep all cars and deliver them to the track, along with crews to provide track side support throughout the weekend.  Hotel, meals and track hospitality are all included.  You simply handle your travel arrangements; get to the track or hotel; and bring your approved driving gear.

saac_whiteA competition license from a recognized organization is required.  We can help arrange for a school and licensing if required. Unless you can demonstrate your experience with racing Cobras or a similar high powered race car, we also require at least one session in the Challenge Racer with our own instructors in Las Vegas prior to participating in a Challenge race.  Arrangements for practice/sign-off sessions in Las Vegas will be scheduled as needed.

Actual track time will be determined by the race organization handling each particular weekend. Track time varies from event to event.  We will average from 4-6 session per weekend including practice, qualifying and race. Our racing schedule provides you with the opportunity to experience many of America’s great tracks and special events.

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