Innovations In Racing


dry_sumpFinish Line Motorsports, Inc. is at the forefront of racing innovation. Our expert staff has taken some of the finest racing components and improved upon them, thus yielding even greater performance and reliability.

Each of the innovations developed by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is rigorously tested and refined.  This is possible thanks to our easy access to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track. 

Imagine_injection_systemLearn how we have improved upon such systems as AIVIAD’S dry sump, BREMBO’s braking systems, and Finish Line/Kroyer Racing electronic fuel injection system.

In the future, we will focus on each of these system improvements as well as new innovations that our expert craftsmen are working on.  Where ever possible, we will show you the component’s development and testing with photos in the shop and on the track.

brembo_brakesYou will have the inside story on these developments that are improving the already impressive performance of the CSX 4000 and CSX 7000 Cobras.