Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. has been selected as the restoration expert to bring the “Lost GT 40” back to the racing world. This Mk IIb (chassis number P1047) was found in a shed in Japan. It is now in the process of being restored to its original state by the restoration experts at Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.Follow the progress of our restoration of this beloved piece of automotive history. “The Lost GT 40” is back on American soil after 40 years. Watch it transform from a neglected relic to an icon of racing history.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is the largest and finest authorized Shelby Cobra dealership in the Shelby Sales Network.  Located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Finish Line Motorsports is only seconds away from the Shelby American plant.

We invite you to explore our site and learn about our efforts to return the Shelby Cobra to the American racing circuit.

See exclusive photographs chronicling the construction of street and racing models of the CSX 4000 series cars.

Thrill to the excitement of the Arrive and Drive Challenge Series   Learn how you can own and drive a Shelby Cobra race car at selected events around the country. Also, look into our Shelby Challenge Senior Racing series and learn where you can witness the return of this American racing classic. These racing editions of the legendary Cobra are only available from Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. will be offering the Daytona Coupe for sale in the near future.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is also the exclusive developer and builder of the Cobra 427 COMP car. They are producing a limited number of the Cobras 427 COMP – Just like in 1965. These superior cars are only being produced by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. , with special recognition from Shelby American.

Read Road & Track’s article on the rebirth of the Legendary Cobra. The article takes awhile to load but it is worth reading. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click the icon and get it for free.

Learn about our innovative improvements on the finest racing equipment available.

Enjoy the rich history and rebirth of the Shelby Cobra