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Selling your Pre-Loved Home Appliances

Investing into lots of home appliances could be costly when it’s time to change them all again. Sometimes, even some of the machines at home are reusable; we just end up throwing them into waste just because we want something new or something better. Nowadays that technology revamps faster than two decades ago, new and even better home appliances are being freed to the public market almost every other month. With this, we tend to buy more than our usual gadget shopping. Today, we will try to figure out how can we still benefit from our old home appliances and turn them into money that will aid in buying new ones.

Quality over Price Tag is always what customers want…

Selling your pre-loved home appliances, gadgets and machines is the best way to gain profit from your old stuff and you can help other too to own their own with no too much shelling of money included. However, you should be keen to the quality of the equipments you will be selling; they should be properly maintained, cleaned and checked. Other homeowners might not want to buy new ones because they don’t have the budget for it but they of course, they are still expecting high-quality buys.

Don’t sell broken home appliances. This is one of the rules in thrift shopping; you should never buy broken stuff no matter how cheap they are. Never. The repair costs might just yield your buyer to pay even higher price and you’re not even sure if they can still have it refurbished or not. Don’t trick your buyers and give them the quality they have been looking for. Also, if you can still repair it, why not bring it to the repair shop first then sell it for a higher price once revamped and working properly. Like for example, no one will buy a broken air conditioning system so even if you priced is for 10 bucks or lower, no one will get it. However, if you bring it to your TNA Heat and AC Repair contractor, have it fixed for cheap costs then you can now sell it for more hundreds and even thousands of bucks.

Repair, revamp and resell

Looks can be deceiving and this is essential in business. Everything that looks good in the eyes has the power to encourage buyers and clients. Hence, if you are selling dirty, decrepit and nasty home machines, even if they still work well, customers would just not buy them. To this extent, it’s better to clean all the home appliances you are planning to sell first, repaint, revamp, polish and make them as shiny as the new ones.  With that looks, they’ll be selling like donuts.

Be as reasonable as possible when pricing your goods. Make sure that the quality of what you’re selling tops the price tag. Furthermore, don’t be a selfish businessman and give discounts to your customers most especially if they buy lots from you. Remember that you’re selling old junks that instead of putting them into waste, you’re turning them into money so a little will already goes a long way.

Tips about Hvac repair and maintenance

You should ensure that the Heating and cooling co that you’re going to work with is bonded and licensed, and you ought to additionally check their reviews on Yelp

When searching for a new ac system you should start looking the makes up on online. Check out these various brand names American Standard, Amana, Bryant, Ameristar, Carrier, Goodman, Comfortmaker, Trane, York, and Rheem. Do you would like to replace your AC system, just be sure you read up on all the different brand names? You can find information on all brand names on the web; you may also wish to speak to a few Cooling and heating repair companies on what manufacturers they like. A few of the brand names that you could take a look at are Ameristar, Amana, York, American Standard, Trane, Bryant, Rheem, Comfortmaker, and Goodman.

You are probably not getting very much cool air emerging from your air vents, when was the last time you replaced your ac filter? Soiled filters can be the reason for many of AC and heat repairs that could have been averted just by replacing the air filter once per month if you use the cheap air filters that you can see through. If you use the even more pricey filters you need to change them about every two weeks, as they restrict air flow even when they are first put in.

Check out AC repair companies reviews on the internet


When searching for a new a/c system you need to look the makes up on the web. Check out these different brand names Ameristar, Amana, York, American Standard, Trane, Bryant, Rheem, Comfortmaker, and Goodman. Do you want to swap your AC unit, make sure that you read up on all the different models? You can find information on all brand names on online; you might additionally want to talk with a few Heating and air conditioning repair companies on what brands they like. A few of the models that you can check out are American Standard, Amana, Bryant, Ameristar, Carrier, Goodman, Comfortmaker, Trane, York, and Rheem.

leaking-air conditioner-condenser-coil-off-las-vegas

AC repair las vegas

Dirty air filters can trigger unnecessary deterioration of your A / c unit and you will certainly be paying for Air conditioning repairs that could have been averted. Air filters are very important simply because they stop the dirt and debris from getting into your heating and air conditioning system, however, the debris and dirt furthermore can trigger the air filter to restrict air flow making the air conditioning and heating unit to work much harder. This can bring about the evaporator coils to ice up and make your fan motors and ac compressor to need to be replaced earlier than they should. You can burn up the fan motors in one season of you do not keep your filters switched.

Stop causing your AC to need repairs, change your filter at least monthly. But you say I buy the costly good ones, well sorry to break it to you but that means that you’ll want to switch them even far more often, it is suggested to switch them every two weeks. If you need air conditioning repair for Las Vegas -All American HVAC Inc

When choosing an Air conditioning Repair Company there are a few things that you should check out; what is the warrantee on the AC repairs, every AC Repair Company is different. How long are you going to have to wait for an appointment, if you have to wait longer then the next morning that is too long and you might want to discover a new Hvac Repair Co? Same day or next morning appointments should be offered especially if you live in a extremely hot region. Make sure that you have the type of unit and that you know what the problems are i.e. no air, or no cool air. All American Heating and AC repair for Las Vegas offers a three year warranty on most AC and heat repairs carried out.

Secrets Las Vegas AC Companies Don’t Want You To Know

It may seem that anything to do with heating and air conditioning in Las Vegas is actually complex or expensive. There is certainly lots to contemplate surrounding this subject. But, there exists lots of information you can access that will help you learn more. Start with They are a great resources for us at FL Cobras.

Look into the system which you have prior to deciding to call an expert. Get information on the brand name, plus in case you have facts about the historical past of maintenance, which will help, too. This will tell you that you’re capable of giving the air conditioning contractor the info that will help them.

Leaves and debris may damage your condenser. When you notice nearby trees shedding their leaves, clean the fan grill on the unit constantly. As soon as the fan becomes obstructed, you can expect to lose out on quality air.

In the event the fan condenser on the unit has ports for oil, be sure to lubricate it once per year. These ports are generally covered with caps made from metal or rubber. Select a oil which is lightweight and non-detergent and put 10 drops or less into each port, ensuring it doesn’t overfill. This removes the squeaks and allows the motor to run smooth.

observe the outdoor unit in the hottest par of the Las Vegas sunny day to insure that it is in the shade. When it sucks in cool air, it will need to work less to cool the air inside, that will make it stay longer.

Check your unit at least two times annually. This should actually be done in Fall and Spring to make it for your extreme months. Although there might not be any noticeable issues, it is essential to provide regular upkeep to prevent bad things from happening.

As soon as the weather begins to cool down, be sure to switch off outdoor condenser units. In the event the temperature drops to under 60 degrees, you risk injury to the machine should you let it rest on. This may cut utility cost as well as maximize the life of your unit.

When you are a property owner, or when you can get permission from the landlord, install double-paned windows rather than any single panes at home. Try to insulate your windows to stop air from being lost. They guide in the winter, too, keeping the heat in.

Have a smart thermostat installed. The truth is, you can save as much as 10 percent for both cooling and heating once you turn your thermostat by by 10-15 percent for a minimum of 8 hours daily. A number of these thermostats can even be controlled through your smartphone or computer.

Discovering how to do business with the Arctic HVAC Company should be more apparent for you know. Sometimes it can be difficult in case you are not motivated to discover, so you must bear that in mind. This may be sure you amazing success with your next air conditioning repair.

Everybody Should Experience Driving in Nowhere but Las Vegas

Driving encounter Las Vegas should never ever be missed out on. The driving encounter Las Vegas have to be felt, a minimum of once in your life time. No travel in Las Vegas is finished without an auto race. Despite the fact that you may have gone to numerous online casinos in Vegas and even though you might have gained countless bucks in such endeavors, the thrilling seconds that you obtain via vehicle nationality is far higher than these successful endeavors. Hence those that go to Las Vegas, often keep the auto nationality on competing premises as the tail end of the journey plan. The much more explore regarding the experiences of people on competing areas, the better will be your understanding. It will additionally help in kindling your passion to try it when, in your life. You can conveniently challenge your pals on a vehicle race. You could not be a reliable driver and you could not have joined automobile nationality programs previously. The entire concept of driving in Las Vegas is various. The winning moment is not the fundamental part of such vehicle race. The thrill and the sensation of driving at a high speed on superb roadways is important. You could rent an outstanding auto that gives top torque, velocity and horse power. You can challenge your loved ones that you can ride at a speed of 155 Miles Per Hour and even more.

Driving experience Las Vegas will certainly not only provide you a feeling of joy and happiness, however it will certainly also please your desire or enthusiasm to go on lengthy drives on smooth roads.

How to drive perfectly in Las Vegas?

If you acquire an opportunity to hit the trail, the driving encounter Las Vegas will be a memorable one. There are certain muscle automobile difficulty class. In these class, the performance of the automobile can be checked on the screening track area. The efficiency of autos like Chevrolet, Dodge or Ford can be discovered. The feel that you derive on using various brand names of autos is inexplicable. Both the all-natural beautiful views along the roadway sides of Las Vegas in addition to the technical improvement in luxury cars can be enjoyed at the very same time. The auto racing centers that you see in Las Vegas is one of the most advanced of its kind. You may believe that competing in Las Vegas roads will be taken pleasure in only by the racers. This is certainly not real. Those which rest as plain spectators on the examination tracks or in the auto racing premises also obtain fantastic pleasure in checking out the sports. Some audience will see such racing events for hours with each other. They will certainly feel the pulse of driving, merely by resting on a spectator’s seat. If you have plans to visit Vegas, you need to certainly visit such auto racing tracks. You need not be a mere spectator. If you have the permit and if you are more than 18 years old, you could try to participate in the nationality.
There are so many individuals, which have actually recorded their driving encounter Las Vegas in various web sites. Most of these internet site concern the automobile production or car renting out business in Las Vegas.

The driving experience Vegas is likewise well clarified by those which register themselves in driving institution web sites. The driving experience Vegas emerges in different types and courses. The major programs in the driving schools feature accuracy driving programs and efficiency driving programs. There are numerous eventually or two day programs. If you are remaining in Vegas for three days, at a stretch, you can try the three days of advanced driving programs, which are both budget-friendly and useful.

The Cultural Side of Vegas

You don’t anticipate to locate the huge number of museums in Vegas that you will certainly discover in various other tourist-oriented cities. There are nevertheless, a number of museums in Las Vegas that are very well worth discussing and exploring if you have the time throughout the lighting of day.

The first of these galleries worth stating is one that is probably fairly special as far as museums go. Adults admission sets you back $10 each individual and children aged 7-17 command the rate of $7 the courses and the past that can be found out by visiting this certain gallery are invaluable so this really appears like a small cost to pay.

Las Vegas Galleries can bring you into the other side of the world.

The Las Vegas Natural Past Gallery is another wonderful gallery to delight in during your time in Vegas. This museum is an additional that is an excellent destination for kids, large and little alike. The Marine Life Gallery features a 3,000-gallon habitat to some of the sea’s most fascinating aquatic life. The rate for this gallery is quite practical at $7 for adults and $3 for youngsters aged 3-11. It acquires also far better if you go to the gallery’s website and print off a buy one adult admission obtain one free voucher. This museum presents a great method to invest the day with the family in Las Vegas.

An additional terrific museum to go to for a lighter side to life is the Liberace Museum. This museum is a memorial to the man names “Mr. Showmanship” and shows some of his as opposed to luxuriant costumes in addition to several of his precious antiques, his custom-made automobile collection and his pianos. This is not a lot of a learning experience as an occasion of a man that lived his life as dazzlingly as the precious jewelry he so appreciated wearing.

One of the various other impressive Galleries that Las Vegas has to supply is the Lied Kid’s Discovery Museum. Kids of all ages could find tasks to appreciate at this specific gallery.

The Las Vegas Electric motor Speedway is the the home of the Carroll Shelby Museum. Shelby had a recognized profession driving autos and breaking land speed documents just before moving on to do some things in his career as an outcome of wellness concerns. When this happened he turned his websites from competing and relaxed them on layout. The fruit of his style labor was among the fastest manufacturing line vehicles ever before and arguably among the most magnificent automobiles ever before made-The Shelby Cobra.

These galleries represent fun and impressive ways to invest the day with your family members while vacationing in Las Vegas. The museums are certainly not the only family members friendly tasks you could delight in with each other, they are very commonly the most educational ways to spend the day. Along the strip you could find the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, which is a collaborative job in between the well known Guggenheim Gallery in New York and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Must-See Attractions in Las Vegas

The community of Las Vegas is packed with things to do and locations to go, and non-stop power impulses with its clip joint and drains into the roads. If you are preparing a trip to Las Vegas, you can attempt to pack as much enjoyment as feasible into everyday, or you could draw up the most effective destinations and invest truly experiencing each as extensively as possible. Las Vegas has lots of widely known social places, galleries and eating places, however some take a position out just a little greater than others do.

What are the places to visit in Las Vegas?

1. The Bellagio Sunroom and Organic Landscapes could not be as popular as the resort’s water fountains, but their elegance is stunning. The gardens work wealthy horticulture shows distributed with appropriately picked things, lighting designs water fountains and additional. Greenery, blossoms and vegetation is all shown to improve their sophistication, and guests could value live conventional and jazz music activities every night at the Victorian Occasion gazebo. The Sunroom and Organic Landscapes are no cost and begin to the community.

Site visitors could find amazing storage tanks and shows packed with jellyfish, manta radiation, sharks, crocodiles, sea turtles and various other kinds of sea life. Stroll with a canal within the sharks, or check out the get in touch with container, which enables you to call a vast array of sea animals.

The Fluorescent Fine art gallery permits you to experience aged Las Vegas. Stroll with 3 miles of this city’ s document as you take a travel of the Boneyard, and inspect out the outdated neon signs from 1930s-era Las Vegas.

4. The Mob Art gallery likewise takes you back in its record to the days when Las Vegas had a further side. The Mob Art gallery is located in a former government court. It informs the record of the crowd and its relationship to the town, reveals the fact behind the facade, describes the mob’s heritage and educates the encounters of those that helped reduce the mob. Admittance to the Crowd Fine art gallery is $18 for adults and $12 for youngsters over five. Unique discounts are readily available for The state of Nevada people, partners of the military, police officers authorities and elderly people.

5. As much as the town of Las Vegas would have to supply, in some cases you merely need to get away from everything. Surges Shield is merely a few moments away from the community, yet it provides you 180 miles of yards and roads as well as a museum and a wasteland living middle loaded with shows and sections to enhance interest of resilience, large range and more.

When preparing your next vacation to Las Vegas, take into consideration continuing to be at some escape rents in Las Vegas. Doing so will certainly provide you the chance have fun with your vacation in a much more exclusive developing and you will certainly have the self-reliance to have a look at any locations you want without getting caught in the constant website traffic of the Las Vegas remove.

Building A Legend


street_modelJust how does a Shelby Cobra, 4000, 7000, or 8000 Series car or Challenge Racer get built?

We are going to take you step by step through the process of building one of these unique vehicles. From the raw steel to the last coat of wax, you are going to have an insider’s view of the meticulous care and extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into each car that Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. produces. As an added treat, when it is time, we are going to try to get permission to take you inside Kroyer Racing Engines to see how the motors for our cars are built.

As with all quality things, a Cobra begins with the best materials we can buy. Our 4000 Series street car frames and bodies come directly from Shelby American. Our superb craftsmen assemble them with the utmost care

All Challenge Racers are made EXCLUSIVELY in our shop. Those chassises are made by us. The superstructures are made from chrome-molybdenum alloy steel for added safety and strength.. The 120 wall 4 inch frame rails are supplied by Shelby American. We then add the rest of the framing in the form of 95 wall 1.25 inch steel on our street models and 95 wall 1.5 inch steel on our Challenge racers. This insures that any version of our Cobra you buy is made with the strongest, most reliable steel framing available.

DCF 1.0DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0Each piece of stock is cut to exacting standards by our craftsmen. After cutting, each part is inspected and then finished by hand to ensue the most precise fit possible. Pieces are labeled as belonging to a particular chassis number and stored until required for assembly. Sub assemblies are made and then the process of final frame assembly begins.

After careful research, we have found that T.I.G welding produces a superior join of the steel. It is the strongest weld possible when working with chrome-molybdenum alloy.

Final frame assembly is done on a Rapidline Frame jig. We chose Rapidline because they are the industry leader. To guarantee maximum precision and repeatability, Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. craftsmen have developed special fixtures for the Rapidline jig. These fixtures are unique to our fabrication shop and ensure that your Cobra is made to the same precise standards that characterize our Challenge Racers.


DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0


Innovations In Racing


dry_sumpFinish Line Motorsports, Inc. is at the forefront of racing innovation. Our expert staff has taken some of the finest racing components and improved upon them, thus yielding even greater performance and reliability.

Each of the innovations developed by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is rigorously tested and refined.  This is possible thanks to our easy access to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track. 

Imagine_injection_systemLearn how we have improved upon such systems as AIVIAD’S dry sump, BREMBO’s braking systems, and Finish Line/Kroyer Racing electronic fuel injection system.

In the future, we will focus on each of these system improvements as well as new innovations that our expert craftsmen are working on.  Where ever possible, we will show you the component’s development and testing with photos in the shop and on the track.

brembo_brakesYou will have the inside story on these developments that are improving the already impressive performance of the CSX 4000 and CSX 7000 Cobras.

Why Choose Finish Line

StripThere are several compelling reasons to select Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. as your Shelby Cobra Dealer.  We are located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is America’s destination playground, making it easy for you to get here at any time. Our weather is almost always perfect. That means that, like Ford, GM, and Daimler-Chrysler, we have the ability to road test our developments year round. Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. has the only fabrication shop totally dedicated to the development and advancement of the Shelby Cobra.This ensures that your car is built with the utmost precision and hand craftsmanship.

Every car that we assemble, whether a street model, challenge model, or racing model, receives the same care and attention to detail and safety. Because our interest is in returning the Shelby Cobra to the American racing scene, your car benefits from the experience and innovation that goes into each of our racing models.

Finish Line Motorsports’ expert craftsmen have developed ground breaking improvements on some of racing’s finest components.  Our innovative designs for an improved dry sump and racing brakes are now being manufactured to our own specifications by such racing giants as AVIAD and BREMBO BRAKES.   You can learn more about these and other Finish Line Motorsports developments in our section on innovations.

Each of our improvements and developments is rigorously tested on America’s newest and finest race track, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Our shop is locate only seconds from the track entrance.  This also ensures that you have easy access to a premiere track when you come to claim your legendary Shelby Cobra CSX 4000 or CSX 7000 series car.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. has been selected as the restoration expert to bring the “Lost GT 40” back to the racing world. This Mk IIb (chassis number P1047) was found in a shed in Japan. It is now in the process of being restored to its original state by the restoration experts at Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.Follow the progress of our restoration of this beloved piece of automotive history. “The Lost GT 40” is back on American soil after 40 years. Watch it transform from a neglected relic to an icon of racing history.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is the largest and finest authorized Shelby Cobra dealership in the Shelby Sales Network.  Located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Finish Line Motorsports is only seconds away from the Shelby American plant.

We invite you to explore our site and learn about our efforts to return the Shelby Cobra to the American racing circuit.

See exclusive photographs chronicling the construction of street and racing models of the CSX 4000 series cars.

Thrill to the excitement of the Arrive and Drive Challenge Series   Learn how you can own and drive a Shelby Cobra race car at selected events around the country. Also, look into our Shelby Challenge Senior Racing series and learn where you can witness the return of this American racing classic. These racing editions of the legendary Cobra are only available from Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. will be offering the Daytona Coupe for sale in the near future.

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is also the exclusive developer and builder of the Cobra 427 COMP car. They are producing a limited number of the Cobras 427 COMP – Just like in 1965. These superior cars are only being produced by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. , with special recognition from Shelby American.

Read Road & Track’s article on the rebirth of the Legendary Cobra. The article takes awhile to load but it is worth reading. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click the icon and get it for free.

Learn about our innovative improvements on the finest racing equipment available.

Enjoy the rich history and rebirth of the Shelby Cobra

Daytona Coupe

The Daytona Coupe is widely recognized as the ultimate Shelby Cobra. There were only six original coupes built. Each Coupe’s racing history is verified but the original race at the Daytona 24 Hour in February of 1964 was the beginning of what was to become a dominant,, winning racing history for years to come. Hence the name for the car. To this date, the Daytona Coupe is the first and only American made car to ever win the World Manufacturer’s Championship for Grand Touring race cars.

This car, CSX 2469 is one of only a very few “second generation” Daytona Coupes built by Mike McCluskey for Caroll Shelby. Based on an original 289 Shelby Cobra chassis, CSX 2469 has been painstakingly built to original specifications. It is a true Shelby Cobra. In fact, it is considered you many to actually be the seventh 289 Daytona Coupe.

As with the original Daytona Coupes, CSX 2469 has already established a winning history, having raced and won at such famous tracks as Laguna Seca, California, and Goodwoodl, England. Having been driven by such famous drivers as John Morton, Phil Hill, Derek Bell, and, of course, Caroll Shelby the car is already a winner.

The future for the CSX 2469 is bright. Race prepped and crewed by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. the car will continue to be selectively raced at some of the most famous venues around the country and around the world. 2003 saw it raced at Laguna Seca by Derek Bell as the driver and at Road America with Brian Redman as the driver.

More races are planned fro the future; so look for it whenever you attend a race where famous cars tend to congregate. Chances are you’ll see this famous car with a famous driver in the seat heading toward the front of the pack. 


Shelby Challenge Owners Arrive


All Challenge Racers are built and maintained by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. to Challenge specifications thereby ensuring fair competition. Owners will race against each other in equally prepared cars. In some situations, Challenge Racers may run as part of a larger race group (cars other than Challenge Racers will be on the track at the same time.)  However, it is our ultimate goal for this program, along with a related series featuring 289 FIA Cobras, to field our own race groups.

Participation in the Owners’ Challenge Arrive & Drive provides you with everything for a successful and enjoyable racing weekend.  We prep all cars and deliver them to the track, along with crews to provide track side support throughout the weekend.  Hotel, meals and track hospitality are all included.  You simply handle your travel arrangements; get to the track or hotel; and bring your approved driving gear.

saac_whiteA competition license from a recognized organization is required.  We can help arrange for a school and licensing if required. Unless you can demonstrate your experience with racing Cobras or a similar high powered race car, we also require at least one session in the Challenge Racer with our own instructors in Las Vegas prior to participating in a Challenge race.  Arrangements for practice/sign-off sessions in Las Vegas will be scheduled as needed.

Actual track time will be determined by the race organization handling each particular weekend. Track time varies from event to event.  We will average from 4-6 session per weekend including practice, qualifying and race. Our racing schedule provides you with the opportunity to experience many of America’s great tracks and special events.

Click here for Shelby Challenge Racer Specifications.

Click here to read about new CHALLENGE RACER owners first day on the track

Click here to see how the Shelby Challenge Race amateur drivers performed in their first race at the Virginia International Raceway 2001 Gold Cup Races.


Finish Line Newsletter



G._Pfeifer_Pos_1The Shelby Cobra returned to the Virginia International Raceway on June 8-10, 2001. Grand Marshal, Caroll Shelby presided over the races at the very track where he won the first Gold Cup race in 1957.  It was a glorious homecoming for the Shelby Cobra.  Challenge Series Racers and FIA cars took to the course and thrilled the crowds.

K__Rogers_Pos_2Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. cars took five of the top eight finish positions; including first and second places. Amateur driver Gary Pfeifer of Kiowa, CO took first place.  He was followed by fellow amateur Kevin Rogers of Spring, TX.  Both Pfeifer and Rogers were driving their own Challenge Series Racers which are built and maintained by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

T_Korzan_Pos_6Pfeifer and Rogers beat out Bob Bondurant of Phoenix, AZ who took the third position in a FIA car. He was followed by Jim Harrell of Asheville, NC and Bob Oltoff of Mt. Ulla, NC, both of whom were also driving FIA cars. The finishing positions were rounded out by Tim Korzan of St. Charles, IL; AC D’Augustino of Breckenridge, CO; and Vincent Dean of Leawood, KS. While all three men are Challenge Racer owner/drivers, AC D’Augustino drove a FIA car for this race while he waits for his Challenge Racer to be finished.

V_Dean_Pos_8AC_D_Augustino_Pos_7The action was furious as the top four cars driven by Bondurant, Harrell, Olthoff, and Pfeifer battled throughout the day for the top position. They were all covered by less than one-tenth of one second in their individual “fastest lap” times.

On Sunday, Pfeifer came on strong, passing Bondurant and maintaining his lead.

That made the real battle the one for second place.  Harrell vied with Bondurant for second place but by mid-distance, it was Rogers who stole the show by working his way up through the field of cars.

Pfeifer was feted with champagne in the winners circle as he realized his dream of capturing the Gold Cup Race in his Challenge Series Racer.


Shelby Challenge Racer Vehicle Specifications

Introducing the ultimate Shelby Cobra Race car from Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. and TMC. This is the only Shelby authorized Spec Series Racer to be developed for the race series. The CHALLENGE RACER is based on the Shelby CSX 4000 Series Cobra from Shelby American and repeatedly proven in development by former racing legends. The CHALLENGE RACER is the first Cobra to be certified an SCCA legal race car in over 25 years.

Move your mouse over the image for information about the racer. Detailed specs and features appear below the image. 


Limited Number:  Only a limited number out of the total CSX 4000 Series production will be allocated by Shelby American, Inc. for the CHALLENGE RACER series of cars.

Body & Chassis:  a) Lightweight fiberglass body shell for durability. b) Specially triangulated CSX4000 Cobra chassis creating a more rigid chassis and allowing for more predictable handling and suspension tuning. c) Adjustable front and rear upper control arms with urethane bushings throughout.  d)  Bilstein Shocks.  e)  Hypercoil coil springs. f) SCCA PRO Racing approved roll bar and side intrusion system. g) Schroeder tubular sway bars.

Interior:  a) Single racing bucket.  b)  Woodward collapsible steering column with removable steering wheel collar from Sweet manufacturing.  c)  On board Halon fire system from Safety Systems, Inc.  d)  Shelby signature gauges from Auto Meter.  e)  Simpson 5 point safety harness.

Performance Features:  Brembo racing brakes.  b)  351 c.i. Ford engine with Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock Jr. intake and Holley HP 850 cfm carburetor with approximately 540 h.p. c) Tex Powell road racing 4 speed transmission with Hurst Shifter.  d)  Setrab differential cooler with Speedway Engineering pump. e) Setrab engine oil cooler with Earl’s fittings. f) Aviaid dry sump pan and pump.  g)  Tilton pressure plate and clutch system with Tilton scatter shield. 


Other Features:  a) Aluminum Fluidyne radiator with 16 inch SPAL cooling fan.  b)  15 inch Trigo pin drive wheels with Goodyear Stock Car Specials slicks.  c)  Custom headers and side exhausts with coating by HPC supercoat.  d)  Special hardware provided by Lawson Products, Inc.  e)  ATL fuel cell.  f)  Optima spiral cell 12 volt battery.


Shelby Cobra Challenge Ownership Benefits

G._Pfeifer_Pos_1Motorsports is among the most popular and fastest growing spectator sport in the United States, and after soccer is the most watched sport on television worldwide.  Motorsports races are televised annually in more than 195 countries with an aggregate television audience approaching 1 billion.

Because of its nostalgic appeal, the SHELBY COBRA CHALLENGE RACER is hugely popular and generates significant opportunities to the benefit of all parties involved.

98_car_pitstopCars utilized for the series are privately owned, either by individuals or businesses. CHALLENGE RACER ownership provides a unique opportunity for motorsports enthusiasts to participate as the SHELBY COBRA CHALLENGE

ARRIVE & DRIVE SERIES makes racing history.

All preparation, transportation, crew, maintenance, and repairs to the racers are the responsibility of the SERIES. There are no additional costs to the owner past the purchase price of the car.


Each race in the SHELBY CHALLENGE OWNERS ARRIVE & DRIVE series has an “in person audience” of 120,000 to 300,000.  Added to that is the potential of a huge television audience that can watch the events. Clearly, owners and sponsors receive tremendous exposure.  Motorsports sponsorship has a strong influence in these fans:

• 62% of fans have a more positive image of motorsports sponsors
• 66% are loyal to brands that sponsor motorsports
• 70% have participated in motorsports linked promotions
• 70% have been influenced to try brands that sponsor motorsports
85% of fans report having switched to brands that sponsor motorsports

• SHELBY CHALLENGE RACER sponsorship also:

Generates substantial visibility for all affiliated sponsors
• Leverages tie tradition of Shelby Cobra Racing
Creates new marketing and promotional opportunities for drivers & sponsors
• Creates tie-ins for charity fund raising to Shelby Cobra Racing

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Shelby Challenge Race Series


saac_green_3_4_rearThe SHELBY COBRA CHALLENGE RACER returns the sights, sounds, and excitement of amateur motorsports to racetracks nationwide.  The CHALLENGE RACER is built exclusively by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is based on Shelby American’s CSX 4000 Series Cobra. It retains all of the character of the original Cobra while incorporating modern materials and standards for added strength and safety. The CHALLENGE RACER features extensive modifications and component developed exclusively at Finish Line Motorsports, Inc.

saac02_red_greenThese have further improved safety and performance of this amazing sports car. Each refinement and development has been evaluated in “behind the wheel testing” by of some of racing’s greatest legends including Mario Andretti, Johnny Rutherford, Emerson Fitipaldi, Bob Bondurant, Bobby & Al Unser, Parnelli Jones, George Follmer.

Thanks to their expertise and feedback, the CHALLENGE RACER now appears at events such as HSR West, SAAC Challenge, and the Monterey Historics driven by owners who share the love of classic motorsports racing.

 saac_field_of_3A limited number of these exciting and exclusive CHALLENGE RACERS are available for sale. Sponsorship positions are also available. This is your chance to participate in racing history as an owner/driver or sponsor of one of the most famous cars in racing.


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427 Comp


By Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. of Las Vegas

Are you looking for pride of ownership; superior craftsmanship; enduring and appreciating value; or do you just want to stand out from the pack?

If your answer is a resolute, “YES!” then you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada is the exclusive developer and builder of the Cobra 427 COMP car. Just like in 1965, only 22 editions of the Cobras 427 COMP are being produced. Of those 22 editions. Only 11 remain for sale.- WORLDWIDE!

These superior cars are being produced only by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. , with special recognition from Shelby American.

These cars come with complete documentation including a Special Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) signed by Carroll Shelby. A number designation plaque and letter of authenticity from Shelby American and Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. are part of the “pedigree” supplied with this Aluminum COMP 427 Version. Each vehicle will also be so noted in the prestigious Shelby Registry.

The Cobra 427 COMP cars are made to accept the all aluminum Shelby 427 Engine which generates an impressive 525 to 600 h.p. and come complete with a high performance package to compliment this monster engine from Kroyer Racing Engines. To view more complete specifications, click here.

Can you see yourself in this picture? Motor Trend Magazine did. This is their drive in the COMP car built by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. Click the picture and read the complete specifications for this magnificent automobile.

Get in on the ground floor of the rebirth of this automotive and racing legend brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada.

To read what MOTOR TREND had to say about the Cobra 427 COMP car, click here. We warn you, this takes a bit of time to load on your computer but it is well worth it. The document is in Adobe .pdf format so you will need Acrobat Reader to review it. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click the icon and get it for free.

The Shop

Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. is the only shop in the Shelby dealership network that races. We are located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway so we can develop and test improvements in the Cobra line. We firmly believe that racing improves the breed.

What this means for our Cobra customers is that the same high standards of skill and craftsmanship go into the street Cobras that we build as goes into the Challenge Racers. Improvements in racing technology and safety find their way into our other models as well

Our shop is state of the art with fabrication facilities, assembly areas, maintenance bays, and more. Because we build the high precision Shelby Cobra Challenge Racers, our shop is kept to almost surgical cleanliness. Every area shows the pride and professionalism of our staff. They proudly invite you to compare our shop to any of the other finest race car building shops in the world.

Fontana-HSR-West-03-213-medBut don’t just take out word for it. If we were not the best shop exclusively dedicated to developing and building Cobras, would M. McCalister trust us to maintain and house his original Daytona Coupe? Would Mr. Y. Yamada of Japan be sending us his GT 40 Mk.IIb for restoration? Mr. Yamada’s car (chassis number 1031) is the only one of its kind in existance. You will be seeing more about the history and restoration of this unique piece of auto racing history in the months to come. We are going to chronicle the restoration process and you will be able to see it take shape.

Take a little time and look through our gallery. You will find thumbnails images below. When you click on them, you will be taken to a larger image. As you look at the images, notice the pristine state of the floors, the organization of the work areas, the lack of clutter and refuse. Each of these attributes speaks to our pride and professionalism. We are sure that you will agree, we have a world-class shop and it is dedicated to the World’s Fastest Cobras.

Call us and ask about scheduling a tour. We would enjoy the chance to show you around in person.



There is nothing like the pride you feel when you own a truly unique automobile. With over 60 CSX4000 series and Challenge Racers built, we know that our customers are happy. That is why they keep coming back to us.

Some of our owners have 2 and even 3 cars built by Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. They have seen the rest and come back to the best.

Don’t take our word for it, look at some of the owners and see what they have to say. Their comments were all taken from e-mails and letters sent to us after they had the time to really put their Cobras through their paces.

raggio_thumbHere is one of my beautiful wife Sherry in the Calendar Car in Arizona.
I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Roy, Dan, the staff at Finish Line and the great people we met while the car was being built and when traveling with the Finish Line Gang

J. Raggio

mccalister6_thumb mccamister2_thumb mccamlister8_thumbA man of few words, M. McCalister simply said, ‘The cars are absolutely perfect.’ The pictures are of CSX4124, his street model.
M. McCalister
CSX4182 (Challenge Racer)
 (Daytona Coupe CSX 2469)

brock5_thumb brock4_thumb brock3_thumb brock2_thumb brock_thumbThese are pictures of J. Brock taking delivery of CSX 4325 Anniversary Cobra from Carroll Shelby during the 100th Anniversary of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit in June 2003. This car was sold and completed by Finish Line.

J. Brock
CSX 4325

remington_thumbAttached please find a photo for the Finish Line Motorsports web site.
Many thanks to the Finish Line team for making my dream a reality,
they’re the best!

B. and L. Remington

kesner_thumb kesner2_thumb kesner3_thumb Thank you again for beautiful and incredible automobile. I’m having WAAAY too much fun!

B. Kesner 


galloway_thumb galloway2_thumbI love driving the car. It’s everything I thought it would be ever since I watched Dave McDonald race in the sixties. When buying a car from Finish Line patience is a requisite. Sort of like waiting to produce and enjoy a fine wine. The attention to detail Finish Line gives to each of its cars is impressive.

B and C. Galloway 





A Thrilling Day at the Race (Track)

DCF 1.0The Challenge Race series is off to an exciting start in 2002. Celebrity drives Kevin Cogan, George Follmer, and Roger Mears joined owners and prospective owners of the Shelby Cobra Challenge Senior Race Series cars for a day of driving at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in mid-January.

Everyone was treated to a tour of the Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. shop as well as the Kroyer Precision Racing Engine shop. They were given detailed and personal tours by the owners of the businesses. Then it was off to the track for several hours of driving excitement. 

DCF 1.0The Challenge series professionals took the track first. For each of them, it was the first time that they had been in the new 4000 Series cars. Roger Mears summed up their impressions of the cars when he said, “Man! I haven’t had that much fun in a LONG time!” The Celebrity drivers found the cars to be nimble, lively machines with good handling characteristics. 

After the pros had a chance to familiarize themselves with the Series 4000 Cobras, it was the turn of the owners. Each owner took his car out onto the track for several laps. The driving skills of each man were evident as they made their way around the redesigned race course.

DCF 1.0As owners came in, they turned their cars over to the professional drivers again. This gave most everyone a chance to do a few laps with the pros as well.

While the Senior Race Series drivers and the Cobra owners were out on the track, David Ritter, the new owner of car number 98 permitted his car to be used to give prospective owners a chance to experience the thrill of the Shelby Cobra Challenge Racer with development driver Steve Anderson at the wheel. 

DCF 1.0Everyone returned from their ride breathless with excitement. Even from Chairman Joe Heitzler CART took a spin in the new 4000 Series racer. He agreed that it was a wonderful car for this exciting return to classic racing.

At the end of the day, David Ritter, who purchased car #98 from Finish Line Motorsports, Inc. took the track for several laps. He later said that, “..the experience was incredible! It was a lot more powerful than I ever expected. I can’t wait to get in more track time!”

PICT0077a DCF 1.0